Meet Hanna, Kinderbooks’ Most Resourceful Affiliate

Meet Hanna, Kinderbooks’ Most Resourceful Affiliate

Meet one of our affiliate teachers, Hanna

Hanna is a native German speaker who has been teaching and tutoring German, DAF/DAZ and ESL in the Los Angeles area since 2009. She always has had an affinity for language and celebrates bilingualism. Hanna received her degree in linguistics from California State University Northridge in 2012.

How Hanna is helping families during difficult times

After graduating from college, Hanna started substitute teaching. Shortly after, she began translating curriculum for the German track at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Glendale, California. Then, in 2019, she started a German after-school program with a friend.

Unfortunately, when COVID-19 caused closures throughout the country, many of her students felt the effects of being stuck at home, unable to participate in their normal after-school activities.

She decided to take the initiative to transition her program from in-person to all online! This allows her students to continue to experience the benefits of bilingual education and language practice.

Today Hanna continues to teach her students over Zoom, which means she isn’t just promoting language proficiency. She also is helping parents keep their kids’ education on track during a time of great educational disruption by giving her undivided attention to each of her students and recommending reading material to keep their knowledge fresh. As a Kinderbook affiliate, Hanna earns a 10% commission on every book recommendation that is sold through her affiliate link.

Hanna has two young daughters, whom she is raising bilingually. For a full catalog of Hanna’s classes, which range from beginner to professional levels, check out her website.

Hanna and her family.

What Hanna has to say about Kinderbooks

We asked Hanna what she likes about working with Kinderbooks as an affiliate teacher. Here is what she had to say:

My experience with Kinderbooks has been unparalleled. They're the best in the business. I used to ask my mom in Germany to purchase books and send them to me. Regular shipping would take forever, which was not the best scenario for teaching classes … Kinderbooks not only gets me the books that I need in lightning time, but they do so at NO COST to me or my students! I have found a personal shopper and consultant for all my classes, students and, of course, my own kids. Finding German books here in the U.S. usually means waiting for a really long time (because they ship from Europe) or paying big bucks. Kinderbooks offers the best service at the best price. I’m still surprised every time I order from her that I pay “normal“ prices instead of a huge markup for the highly specialized service she offers.

Learn more about our affiliate program

Through our Teachers’ Affiliate Program, teachers who regularly recommend German books to students and parents can earn an income from those recommendations! It is 100-percent free to join our official Kinderbooks Teachers’ Affiliate Program.

Teachers, get rewarded for your book recommendations!

If you want to learn more about benefitting from Kinderbooks in the same ways as Hanna, check out the affiliate program page on our website. Becoming a member is easy and completely free!

Join Hanna, and start earning money from your recommendations today.